Lighter Fare

Mexican Poutine

Breakfast potatoes, burrito sauce, cheddar & feta cheese, green onions. Add an Egg for $1.00 Add Grilled Chicken for $4.00 Add Bacon for $3.00


Avocado Toast

Sourdough toast topped with lightly mashed avocado. Add Sliced Tomato for $2.00 Add Feta Cheese for $1.00


Breakfast Sandwich

A toasted english muffin with fried egg, ham, Swiss cheese & spinach.


BLT Bagelwich

A toasted multigrain bagel with bacon, lettuce & tomato. Add Avocado for $2.00 Add Cheddar for $1.00


Bagel with Cream Cheese

A toasted multigrain bagel with your choice of Lemon-Chive OR plain cream cheese. Add Smoked Salmon for $5.50 Add Red Onion & Capers for $1.00

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